Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cayman's Election etc.

Yeah. Its the Sunday after the PPM's crash and burn in the 2009 Cayman Islands Elections. The supporters of the UDP are euphoric, and I do not blame them.

In 2005 when we trounced them, so were we. But unlike them we did not a) hand out cards at a polling station with out candidates names on it with X's next to the names b) run candidates that were constitutionally barred from being elected c) fail to disavow ourselves from the misconduct referred to in a).

Neither did we appoint a Deputy Leader of Government Business, when there is no such animal in the Constitution. They did it in 2003 and now they're doing it again. I wonder if their supporters are aware of this?

But, I congratulate the UDP, and understand that it is their time. I respect the democratic process, to the extent that it was not perverted by any interference or corruption.

I give credit to the UDP for attracting the first time voters. They did so effectively.

But, the PPM will rise again, stronger than ever. 4 of our 5 former ministers won their seats, and 1 of our 5 backbencher won his (Moses).

Out of the 5, 3 were first elected.

PPM will rise again.

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Leon said...

I wish all political supporters were as mature as you were, able to accept defeat.