Thursday, August 12, 2010

Organize Cayman Blog Link

As promised, above is the link for the blog for Cayman Organizing Solutions. Its now a link on this Blog as well. Please comment.

Before I gave you the link for the online store,

The Blog now has posts about back to school etc. Please visit and let me know.

Monday, August 09, 2010


Hi guys.

This post is to let you know about a new website, Its a new organizing and storage online store, with a whole bunch of neat stuff that you all will like. The "stuff" includes home, parents, auto, tech and office stuff. Check it out and let me know what you think!!

If you would like to make an order from outside the Cayman Islands, or if you would like to ask any other questions, please contact

The blog for Organize Cayman is coming out soon, and I will let you know of the link in a couple days, once its ready.

Hope you guys are doing well, Happy Belated Independence to all the J'acans.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cayman's Election etc.

Yeah. Its the Sunday after the PPM's crash and burn in the 2009 Cayman Islands Elections. The supporters of the UDP are euphoric, and I do not blame them.

In 2005 when we trounced them, so were we. But unlike them we did not a) hand out cards at a polling station with out candidates names on it with X's next to the names b) run candidates that were constitutionally barred from being elected c) fail to disavow ourselves from the misconduct referred to in a).

Neither did we appoint a Deputy Leader of Government Business, when there is no such animal in the Constitution. They did it in 2003 and now they're doing it again. I wonder if their supporters are aware of this?

But, I congratulate the UDP, and understand that it is their time. I respect the democratic process, to the extent that it was not perverted by any interference or corruption.

I give credit to the UDP for attracting the first time voters. They did so effectively.

But, the PPM will rise again, stronger than ever. 4 of our 5 former ministers won their seats, and 1 of our 5 backbencher won his (Moses).

Out of the 5, 3 were first elected.

PPM will rise again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bloody Dawn

Yes, folks, having supported my political folks as an executive committee member and supporter in what was a bruising, hard fought campaign, we were defeated at the polls yesterday in emphatic fashion.

So today I feel bruised and battered, but not down and out.
Well, just for the heck of it, I uploaded 2 old photos of my sons. Yeah. By next week I will be normal, ok. Yeah.
Check out my friends blog at

Monday, April 06, 2009

First Post for 2009

Thanks to Ms. Cute Pants, for her continued posts, and her latest post about her snorkelling. She is a good ambassador for the Cayman Islands. (Again, I have re-learn the whole link thing).

Despite that Facebook had distracted me away from bloggage, she still manages to keep me on her blogroll. She is too kind. Thanks CP!

Its quite a difference moving between Facebook and Blogger, since Facebook is so brainless - a status update can be just one word. I admire the bloggers who constantly seek out new bloggage material. They are true bloggionistas.

I will change the profile a bit and think of a real post.

Well done to the West Indies for a decent showing in the recent tour by England. Not easy to deal with England's batting and bowling lineup, so I think credit is due to both teams, and in my case I will give special big ups to the West Indies. Rally!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Bloggage

Yeah, folks, well, just came from my son's Saturday Morning Hockey Game. Well, his team lost 1-5, and are coming to the end of their season.

He is a bit of an exception in terms of the typical Roller Hockey family around here - typically - but there you go.

He had 2 games as goalie the first season, and the team somehow decided to let him close out the season with 2 games in goal. And, for the first time, he is saying he is not enjoying it in goal. I guess most parents want to see their child scoring goals, and maybe we were the only ones bidding for slap shot positions. After all, this is his first season in Roller Hockey.
Above he is shown at a recent class trip to the beach up at Rum point.
US Auto industry
Isnt it something that its only GM, Chrysler and Ford who are asking for a bailout. And all Uncle Sam wants is an account of how it will be spent and how it will be repaid, and they will not account for it, and the bailout is now in danger.
Toyota USA, Nissan USA and all the other Japanese companies with huge investments in the US are not asking for anything. Sure, they are having a slowdown as well, but they are not asking the government to prop them up.
How much will the US taxpayer be able to stand, propping up the financial industry and the Auto industry, while they themselves are immersed in mortgage failures, and bank failures.
And, ironically, the Auto industry arrived in Washington, on company business jets, to beg 25 billion dollars. Great, isnt it.
A few months ago, after the financial industry bailout, AIG, one of the companies receiving bailout money, spent $440,000 on a retreat for their staff.... Nice, isnt it?
Just what in the Lord's name is going on?

Friday, November 21, 2008



I dont even know how to post a link any more. But Ms. Cute pants I have met her now that she lives here in the Islands that time forgot - what I delightful lady - and what an expert bloggonomist.

I abandoned bloggitis for Facebook, and I have been having a nice time, but I guess its a different cinting altogether.

Folks, how are you doing - How are you doing my folks in Jam Rock - sorry I wont make it there until 09, if the Lord spares me.

Of course the Bullist is still about, and I read his posts from time to time.

Lots more work here in my office that the last time I blogged, so hopefully I can continue with the general bloggage.

All manner of problems everywhere, from Wall Street to Main Street, as they say. Financial meltdowns causing those who make a living from liquidations and deregistration of investment funds to do well.

However my work seems to have dodged the poison arrow so far, and I hope this continues in 09.

Hope to read some of your blogs now, and get back to my old blogging peeps.