Friday, November 21, 2008



I dont even know how to post a link any more. But Ms. Cute pants I have met her now that she lives here in the Islands that time forgot - what I delightful lady - and what an expert bloggonomist.

I abandoned bloggitis for Facebook, and I have been having a nice time, but I guess its a different cinting altogether.

Folks, how are you doing - How are you doing my folks in Jam Rock - sorry I wont make it there until 09, if the Lord spares me.

Of course the Bullist is still about, and I read his posts from time to time.

Lots more work here in my office that the last time I blogged, so hopefully I can continue with the general bloggage.

All manner of problems everywhere, from Wall Street to Main Street, as they say. Financial meltdowns causing those who make a living from liquidations and deregistration of investment funds to do well.

However my work seems to have dodged the poison arrow so far, and I hope this continues in 09.

Hope to read some of your blogs now, and get back to my old blogging peeps.


Jdid said...

welcome back

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes, welcome back. Man, that financial thing is affecting the whole world, I heard that Germany has gone into a 'recession', Europe is heading for one, etc. I think I'll grow more food and hope it all passes soon. Hope you're well.

Stunner said...

Good to hear from you star!

Man the world is in such turmoil right now!

ms cute pants said...

Oh my! You flatter me so! Thank you for the kind words.

It's good to see you back in the blogging world. Can't wait to see what else you got up your blogging sleeve.

Leon said...

Glad to have you back sir.