Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Bloggage

Yeah, folks, well, just came from my son's Saturday Morning Hockey Game. Well, his team lost 1-5, and are coming to the end of their season.

He is a bit of an exception in terms of the typical Roller Hockey family around here - typically - but there you go.

He had 2 games as goalie the first season, and the team somehow decided to let him close out the season with 2 games in goal. And, for the first time, he is saying he is not enjoying it in goal. I guess most parents want to see their child scoring goals, and maybe we were the only ones bidding for slap shot positions. After all, this is his first season in Roller Hockey.
Above he is shown at a recent class trip to the beach up at Rum point.
US Auto industry
Isnt it something that its only GM, Chrysler and Ford who are asking for a bailout. And all Uncle Sam wants is an account of how it will be spent and how it will be repaid, and they will not account for it, and the bailout is now in danger.
Toyota USA, Nissan USA and all the other Japanese companies with huge investments in the US are not asking for anything. Sure, they are having a slowdown as well, but they are not asking the government to prop them up.
How much will the US taxpayer be able to stand, propping up the financial industry and the Auto industry, while they themselves are immersed in mortgage failures, and bank failures.
And, ironically, the Auto industry arrived in Washington, on company business jets, to beg 25 billion dollars. Great, isnt it.
A few months ago, after the financial industry bailout, AIG, one of the companies receiving bailout money, spent $440,000 on a retreat for their staff.... Nice, isnt it?
Just what in the Lord's name is going on?


ms cute pants said...


I think I was talking to this exact same kid at the movies while we were waiting in line to buy tickets. And he did mention a game on Saturday morning. We also talked about his Grandpa on the Brac. ASK HIM!

ms cute pants said...

I think that the US Auto companies are looking for an easy way out. They probably saw how 'easy' it was for Wall Street to be bailed out and are thinking 'Hey, if we make a fuss about the million of direct jobs that will be affected, and the indirect 2 million jobs that will be affected, maybe we'll get some cash coming to us. Too bad they had to parade around in their fancy jets to make this request.

John said...
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Stunner said...

Poor yute! Well i wouldn't feel good in the goal after loosing 1-5 either. So I think he has a point.

I think the US car companies want to send their staff on a $440000 retreat too!

Leon said...

All I care about is whose hand is on that woman's breast! LOL! As for the automakers, this is capitalism. Deal with it. Either compete effectively or be weeded out.