Monday, April 06, 2009

First Post for 2009

Thanks to Ms. Cute Pants, for her continued posts, and her latest post about her snorkelling. She is a good ambassador for the Cayman Islands. (Again, I have re-learn the whole link thing).

Despite that Facebook had distracted me away from bloggage, she still manages to keep me on her blogroll. She is too kind. Thanks CP!

Its quite a difference moving between Facebook and Blogger, since Facebook is so brainless - a status update can be just one word. I admire the bloggers who constantly seek out new bloggage material. They are true bloggionistas.

I will change the profile a bit and think of a real post.

Well done to the West Indies for a decent showing in the recent tour by England. Not easy to deal with England's batting and bowling lineup, so I think credit is due to both teams, and in my case I will give special big ups to the West Indies. Rally!

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Oh my! I am flattered, John. And I can't believe that this is your FIRST post for 2009. Tsk tsk.

I have stingray pics & videos coming up, so stay tuned. I LOVE CAYMAN!